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Ace Burpee

Host of the Ace Burpee Show on 103.1 Virgin Radio.









Yes we mystic

 A five-piece group from Winnipeg, Yes We Mystic grabs ideas and aesthetics from all over the map and ventures to morph them into something entirely different. They take their favorite bits of folk, rock, and R&B, hurl strings and mandolins together with synthesizers, pedals, and samples, and come up with music that can mellow and groove but climb in an instant to towering, frenzied heights. Throwing opposites together creates a space. Yes We Mystic prides itself in living in these spaces.


bold as lions

Husband and wife duo Sean + Karli Quigley front Canadian pop band Bold as Lions. From the beginning the band has been about much more than music. Although Sean became internationally known when a Christmas song of his went viral, he wanted to use the gift of music and overnight fame as a tool to help others declining the offer from a major label in the US. Their first album titled “The Hope Movement” has become more of a slogan for what it is that they do. However, it hasn’t always been easy for them. When a car accident destroyed everything they owned, they had to start over and bring it back to the message that captivated people’s hearts in the first place. This peaked the interest of internationally known rocker Robb Nash. For a year they had the chance to tour and learn under their team. Although they’ve played for stadiums full of thousands of people during the school year, you can find BAL in high schools across the country meeting students where they’re at, hoping not to change the world but create world changers. We are BOLD AS LIONS. This is THE HOPE MOVEMENT.



Jordan Voth, better known as "Vothra", is a local electronic DJ who's taken the Winnipeg music scene by storm. He's one of the masterminds behind Winnipeg's monthly Full Blum Dance Party and several one-off music events around the city. 

dj co-op live 2015.jpg

DJ Co-op

Winnipeg Manitoba is equal parts an arts town and a party town. Tim "Co-op" Hoover is a dj, producer, promoter, and entertainer whose work has both a sense of humour and a sense of wonder. For over a decade, he has been the driving force behind the city's best dance parties and has toured the world, both solo and in collaboration with other DJs and hip-hop artists. His recordings have progressed from all-vinyl DJ collages, to clever remixes and mashups, to thoughtful, densely layered instrumental pieces. The common thread remains Hoover's love of music, and desire to share it with others.

Live Painters


Pink Panda Creative

Pink Panda is a visual/street artist from Winnipeg. 
Her style consists of bold continuous lines; an abstract feel merged with vibrant colours. 
She encourages the viewer to look beyond the first impression, as there is always something deeper to see.


Synonym Art Consultation

Synonym Art Consultation is a curatorial collective based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, committed to providing meaningful employment and mentorship opportunities to artists and to facilitate the celebration of art and culture with unique, inclusive, community-minded events that serve as safer spaces for diverse populations.



Canadian born graffiti writer and designer. Not your average artist.


Genevieve Boken

Genevieve is a Winnipeg artist whose work serves to elicit emotion and transcendence through colour; each painting is created to be unique and timeless.  




SIKAT was established in 2005 by Wayne Santos (Founder), along side Christine Palileo, Joy Anne Reyes, and Krystle Gayle Pagkalinawan (The Core - CoFounders) as a branch from the Magdaragat Folk dance team. It is now a highly competitive group of selected dancers who all have the same passion of dance and movement!

Some of SIKAT's latest accomplishments include 3rd place at World of Dance Orlando, which helped them qualify to represent Canada at the World of Dance Finals in Pasadena, California!

SIKAT takes pride in providing a home for those looking for space to share their love of dance.  We strive to create an environment to express yourself through art, learn about how your body moves, and meet/dance with people who are equally as passionate and driven!

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